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Nutrition for Rogaining

By Stephanie Gaskell, Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Sports Dietitian, Competitive Ultra Trail Marathon Runner. Nutrition Strategies

Some years ago I participated in a rogaining event and I rather enjoyed it, not that anyone would or should ever take my directions! ☺ Looking back on this adventure I was trying to remember what I did nutrition wise. Back then I did not appreciate the importance of good nutrition like I do now.


Control 55 - Where are you?

by Craig Colwell, SARA Vice President

Recent conversations with others about getting lost while rogaining brought back memories of our 'mind numbing' experience at last year's Australian Championship at Angorichina in the Flinders Ranges.  Set by a very experienced team, led by Rob Tucker and Peter Milnes, there was plenty of scope for various route choices. It also punished those, especially at night, whose concentration to map reading lapsed at any time.


Rogaining - then and now

by Mike Round

Rogaining has its roots in the AUMC 24 hour walk which has its 50th anniversary next year (1963-2013) and it’s interesting to look back and see how the sport has changed in that time; both in a general way and in changes to the rules.


2012 Lunartic Awards

Each year we put together some of the funny stories from the rogaining season and call them the Lunartic Awards. Here they are for 2012.

Thanks to Peter Milnes for putting the Lunartics together and all those who provided stories for the 2012 awards. There are a lot of great stories that remain untold. If you encounter any humorous or unusual incidents before, during or after an event that you consider worthy of an award, please give Peter a call on 83221645 or email.


"Over & Out" in the Stirling 3hr Minigaine by Craig Colwell

The SA Rogaining Association held their annual 3 hour minigaine event in and around the Stirling Hills district on Saturday 20th October in ideal weather between 3pm and 6pm. Bethany and Jo Powell set an enjoyable course giving competitors the opportunity to visit the bakeries and coffee shops in Stirling, pubs in Crafers, Bridgewater and Aldgate as well as smell the flowers in the Botanic gardens and stroll blissfully along the banks of the Cox Creek from Mt George to Bridgewater. With the mental simulation of the Answer & Question format and numerous route choices with the controls set a challenging distance apart from each other a good day out was had by all.


John Hayden Williams

John Williams

Teacher, Athlete, Orienteer, Rogainer
Born: October 10, 1943; Wales
Died: August 2, 2012; Adelaide

John Hayden Williams was born into a coal miner’s family in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. He attended the Cyfarthfa Castle Grammar School in his high school years and became Head Boy. He won a scholarship to attend the University of Wales in Swansea and graduated from there in 1965. After a post-graduate year for teaching qualifications at London University, he migrated to Australia in December 1966 where he met and married Bronwyn, the mother of his two daughters, Rebecca and Nicola. John and Bronwyn divorced in the early 1980’s.

At school and university John was a keen rugby player and talented distance runner. He ran his first orienteering event in 1966 while at university. In 1972, on a return trip to the UK to teach for a few years, he again tried orienteering which was the start of his “orienteering addiction”.

John returned to Australia in 1973, settling in Adelaide where he taught at Blackwood High School. During this time he competed in athletics and was a member of the Western Districts Athletic Club from 1968 to 1978. In that time he was club champion four times.


Wirrabarra 2012 Craig and Evelyn Colwell

The course was a good mix with some really hard physical legs and then some nice open forest area (nice and soft underfoot with-out too much rubbish off-cuts etc) and with a good track network.   Anton and Cameron set an event giving plenty of controls close in visiting a number of local land-marks (Big tree, cave entrances, ruins, old well site etc) which was appreciated by the less fleet of foot and the 12 hour teams, but further out there were numerous long legs, steep terrain and thick scrub to contend with giving various route choices.  The map was a high quality 1:40,000 scale A3 Ocad map on waterproof teslin material, with exceptional detail in relation to the Forestry pine blocks and native scrub.  Well done to the setters.


Take a Breather 6hr Rogaine/4 hr Cyclogaine Wrapup

The Second Valley Forest billed as the wettest location in South Australia lived up to its name with heavy rain and hail greeting the organisers on the day before the event, causing some concern for the setters and helpers getting all the controls and goodies to the correct locations. However, braving muddy tracks, swollen creeks and fallen trees, the job was done by mid-afternoon.  Meanwhile back at the Hash House site, the Asthma staff with a number of SARA helpers were busy getting the Hash House and Administration areas in order and decking the huge Santos marquee with posters and signage.  The marquee proved an outstanding success and was packed during team course planning, after maps were distributed, as well as after the event for the meal and results.  Fortunately during the event only a few light intermittent showers occurred.  Course setters Tom Bullock and Peter Clark set an enticing course with 42 controls over an attainable 42km (calculated winning route distance to collect all controls).  Zara Soden (2011 & 2012 Women's Australian Champion) and Jenny Casanova again proved their class and endurance winning the event outright ahead of the huge 470 field of participants.  See their results, course route and split times and compare them with your results.  There is a short clip on YouTube form the day (produced by Adrian Uppill) as well as numerous photos on Facebook.


Aus Champs Wrapup

2012 Australian Rogaining Championships was held on the 5th and 6th May 2012 at Angorichina/Parachilna Gorge in the Flinders Ranges.

The OZ Champs Rogaine attracted 350 competitors in 160 teams. The weather was perfect for the event being calm with a clear sky for most of the time, and of course under a full moon.The course was set with 49 controls, and an expected approximate 100 kilometres distance to visit all of the controls over an area of 165 square kilometres.It was anticipated that some of the top teams would consider going for all of the controls, which requires a different strategy than if a more modest course is selected. This is a criterion that many course setters choose to ensure keen competition, and avoid teams completing the course in less than the designated 24 hours.


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