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2011 Lunartic Awards

Each year we put together some of the funny stories from the rogaining season and call them the Lunartic Awards. Here they are for 2011.

Thanks to Peter Milnes for putting the Lunartics together and all those who provided stories for the 2011 awards. There are a lot of great stories that remain untold. If you encounter any humorous or unusual incidents before, during or after an event that you consider worthy of an award, please give Peter a call on 83221645 or email.


2012 - A big year in rogaining for SA

Did Father Christmas bring you a compass and some new trail running shoes for Christmas? I hope so, because we've got some great events this year to help you make the most of them.


Vice President's 2011 Recap

During the second half of the year our esteemed President (Mark Porter) was on another extended snow-skiing working holiday (perhaps learning how to set a snow rogaine), and a brief summary of what’s been happening in his absence seems appropriate.


Route planning for the 2011 12hr Spring Rogaine – The Gilbert Valley Gambol

For some there is considerable interest in who went where, why and how did they time it to be back with seconds to spare? How do the top teams work out the best route or are they just so fit that the route is not important and they run to control after control, simply heading back when the time runs out. Why is it that the top teams want to get their maps as soon as possible and disappear until the briefing 15 minutes before the start? In this article, Vice President Craig Colwell demystifies the planning methods used by those top teams.


Take A Breather 2011: Tarnya Van Driel

When Tarnya Van Driel isn’t getting lost, (i.e., immediately on her way home from this year’s Take A Breather six-hour event), she is the Business Development Manager responsible for fund raising and communications for the Asthma Foundation in South Australia. This is lucky for SARA, because Tarnya is a whirl of enthusiasm for her cause (asthma), and now ours (rogaining).


Bartagunyah Control Locations (with an update on the mysterious Control 91)

Missed some controls at Bartagunyah? The setters revisited a number of contested locations when collecting controls. Below are their comments on whether things were or were not in the right place. Please note - we are not offering to reassess scores!


President's Message - May 2011. Blown away at Bartagunyah.

Next year we should try to not schedule events that clash with the end of the world. If you missed it, the apocalypse was supposed to happen on Saturday 21st May 2011, the date of our State Championships. This was potentially anyone's last chance to become rogaining champion of South Australia (and yet we had no women's team in the 24hr, leaving the feminine fence-post-trophy in purgatory!).


Toe Shoe Adventures

Kristan Pash was spotted wearing Vibram FiveFingers shoes at this year's 4-hour twilight event. Kristan explains why he's an avid enthusiast of these odd-looking but interesting and fun footwear: 


Fear and Loathing and Cycling in Bundaleer Forest

Bruce Greenhalgh, winner (with Steve Sullivan) of the 2010 SARA 4 hour cyclogaine, indulges us in some gonzo reportage of their experience. Hunter S. Thompson? Subjectivity on a bicycle. 


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