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In The Middle Of The Night In The Middlebacks – 2014 SARA Championships winners’ report

After I had really enjoyed the 12 hour with Zara last month, I started to get keen on the idea of the 24 hour at Whyalla, because it sounded like the sort of terrain with no nasty surprises and where a careful navigator could do well. I found a willing accomplice in Steve Cooper, although he warned me that he wouldn't be able to run much because of a bruised heel sustained orienteering in the Flinders a couple of weeks ago. I've been wanting to do a 24 hour with Steve for ages and he didn't disappoint.

We made it to Whyalla by about 10pm Friday and managed to have our rogaine packs sorted the next morning in time to take advantage of the continental buffet breakfast at the motel (rogaine preparation is all about carbo-loading, for me) and then get to the event site on a sheep station near the Middleback Ranges with enough time to put up the tent I didn't intend to sleep in, before map handout.


The Middlebacks by Craig Colwell

A significant part of the trip to Whyalla was discussing our general plan for this event.  Having done a couple of Orienteering events in the Middleback Range meant that we had some idea of the terrain.  Also knowing that the moon phase was not suited to night rogaining also influenced our thoughts on the event and how we would approach it.


Middle Back Roving 12 hours - by Amy Ide

Team 13 Middleback Ranges Report of the 12 hour Roving Rogaine

With only one 12 hour rogaine behind me (which included a mini nocturnal crisis and a lack of kilometres translating to points) the 12 hour roving event in the Middleback Ranges was an opportunity to redeem myself and get some more experience to improve my rogaining skills.


True love and tribulations in the Erskine Valley

How can a team who got lost and suffered from stomach cramps and vomiting manage to win? Read on to hear how Bruce Greenhalgh and Andrew Slattery won the recent Erskine Valley Escapade rogaine.


The Erskine Valley Escape Route - Craig Colwell

What a great event the 12 hour rogaine is, made even better with some fantastic country to navigate through and perfect rogaining weather. Also competing under a moonless sky certainly added a touch of intrigue which saw some of the more adventurous teams come undone (including us).


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